Today's Gallery (2019.10.14)

A sign in front of the lone x-ray machine at Faridpur General Hospital reads “X-ray report is not given; only the film is given.” The machine has remained inoperative for three months due to the lack of a radiologists, resulting in patients having to pay almost three times as much to get the examination done at private diagnostic centres. The photo was taken recently. Photo: Suzit Kumar Das
Sky lanterns, known as fanush, take flight, as people gather yesterday at Buddha Mandir in Chattogram’s Nandan Kanon area to celebrate Prabarana Purnima, the second biggest religious festival of the Buddhist community in Bangladesh. This full moon night marks the conclusion of a three-month long seclusion of Buddhist monks -- in their monasteries -- for self-edification and atonement. Photo: Rajib Raihan
A comparison of the actual time and the time being showed by this clock put up by the DSCC around four years ago on Ramna Road. The clock stopped working six months into operation and it serves as a reminder that many projects are undertaken but little to no effort is given to their maintenance. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Rashed Shumon
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