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Today's Gallery (2019.10.13)

photo of the day

Two workers hammer down an old building in Malibagh, presumably to make way for skyscrapers -- to match the ones in the background. Manual labour is still a mainstay of construction work in the city, despite the advancement of technology and volume of such work that goes on every day. The photo was taken recently. Photo: SK ENAMUL HAQ

two-wheel cart

Labourers push a two-wheel cart carrying some 20 large barrels, tied together by rope, on Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue. They said they were taking the empty containers to Karwan Bazar from Old Dhaka to sell those. The photo was in Paribagh area yesterday. Photo: Palash Khan

fire safety

A transformer sandwiched dangerously between two buildings in Lalbagh shows not a lot has changed in terms of fire safety measures in Old Dhaka. Locals often leave their clothes out to dry on adjacent windows, creating an electrical fire risk. The photo was taken recently. Photo: Rashed Shumon

Shapla Chattar

Traffic at Shapla Chattar, Motijheel, the heart of the capital, are inches away from the large hole dug on the road for installing sewer lines.

sewer pipes

Precast sewer pipes occupying one side of Toyenbee Circular Road in front of Notre Dame College. The photos were taken yesterday. Photo: SK Enamul Haq