Today's Gallery (2019.08.26) | The Daily Star

Today's Gallery (2019.08.26)

dangerously close proximity

A heavily loaded sand-laden vessel and two passenger-carrying vessels ply the Padma river in dangerously close proximity, risking an accident and the lives of many. The photo was taken at Mymensingh recently. Photo: Anisur Rahman

a pothole

A pothole and what appears to be an open manhole on Mirpur Road near Kalyanpur, have been marked by locals using bamboos and concrete traffic cones to divert vehicles. Shopkeepers in the area say these holes turn particularly dangerous at night due to low visibility. PHOTO: PRABIR DAS

malibagh railgate road

This puddle full of mosquitoes, flies and trash has remained on the side of Malibagh Railgate road for months, creating a foul stench and unappealing visual. City Corporation still has not taken any initiative to clean the area. The photo was taken on Saturday. Photo: Sheikh Enamul Haq