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Today's Gallery (2019.05.27)

Photo of the day

Binding or carrying animals in a position that subjects them to unnecessary pain is considered an offence in the existing law, and the cabinet approved a draft Animal Welfare Act earlier this year which seeks to increase the punishment for this. But people pay little heed to the law, transporting chickens upside-down. The photo was taken in Tejturibazar. Photo: Prabir Das


With a child in her arms, a woman walks on the narrow sidewalk of Mayor Hanif flyover, while another walks on the road beside her. There’s a huge sign right next to them which says crossing or walking is prohibited. The photo was taken recently. Photo: Prabir Das

evidence for slapping fines

The number plate of a car being recorded. The footage will be used as evidence for slapping fines. The photos were taken yesterday. Photo: Prabir Das

evidence for slapping fines

A policeman video tapes double-parked cars on Abdul Gani Road that narrow the three-lane road. Photo: Prabir Das

Dhanmondi Road-1

A man stands up on his rickshaw to see what is the hold up on Dhanmondi Road-1 in the capital. This is the only direct route for rickshaws to go from Dhanmondi to New Market on Mirpur Road, a favourite destination for shoppers, especially before Eid. Photo: Amran Hossain