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Today's Gallery (2019.05.12)

game of latim

Children challenge each other at a game of latim (spinning tops), spinning viciously on the ground. Latim -- also known as lattoo -- is an inseparable part rural childhood. The pear-shaped wooden toy with a metal pin at the bottom, has a string coiled around it and thrown to the ground, causing a rapid swirl as a result of the unwinding string. The player whose latim spins the longest wins. The photo was taken in Barishal city’s Rasulpur area yesterday. Photo: Titu Das

dangerous game of jaywalking

As buses, cars, and motorcycles alike rush through the busy Mohakhali rail crossing, pedestrians play a dangerous game of jaywalking perpendicularly across. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Rashed Shumon

Battery-run rickshaw-vans

Battery-run rickshaw-vans and auto-rickshaws continue to ply highways -- meant for high-speed vehicles like buses and trucks, putting themselves as well as oncoming ones at risk of accidents. The lighter and slow-moving vehicles are banned to keep highways safe, but to no avail. The photo was taken on Khulna-Satkhira highway in Zero Point area of Khulna last week. Photo: Anisur Rahman

Bailey bridge

A sand-laden tipper truck being towed to safety after the decades old Bailey bridge, gave way to the heavy load yesterday morning in Santosh of Tangail, disrupting communications between the district headquarters and five unions. Photo: Mirza Shakil

Bailey bridge

Photo: Mirza Shakil