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Today's Gallery (2019.04.12)

wings of camouflage

NATURE QUEST: An Indian pond heron, locally known as kana bok, flashes its bright white wings as it prepares to take flight near a water body in Kurmitola Golf Club in the capital. Its white wings are kept covered by brown or olive plumage, allowing the bird to camouflage itself. The deception works so well that the birds do not bother escaping until a threat comes too close, thus earning itself a reputation for being short-sighted. Photo: Firoz Ahmed

Pahela Baishakh just a day away

With Pahela Baishakh just a day away, the institute of fine arts (Charukala) at Chittagong University is buzzing with activities. Students are busy giving finishing touches to colourful masks, an integral part of the Mangal Shobhajatra. Photo: Rajib Raihan

spray pesticide on mango trees

Workers at an orchard in Chapainawabganj's Shibganj upazila spray pesticide on mango trees yesterday as the harvest season nears. The High Court on Tuesday directed the government to deploy police at the mango orchards in Rajshahi region to prevent spraying of toxic chemicals on mangoes. Photo: Rabiul Hossain