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Today's Gallery (2019.03.15)

Expired gas cylinders...

Date-expired, used gas cylinders have been kept on the roadside for resale. The photo was taken yesterday at Dhaka's Gabtoli area. Photo: Rashed Shumon


A man dangles precariously on a branch held only in place by rope, while cutting a part of the very same branch. The photo was taken in front of Raju sculpture in Dhaka University on Wednesday. Photo: Palash Khan

Buriganga pollution...

Tar-black water of Buriganga is a result of toxic waste released from factories on its banks for years. The stinky water is unfit for use even after treatment. The pollution is so acute that it affects aquatic species as well. The photo was taken recently, ahead of International Day of Action for Rivers observed yesterday. Photo: Amran Hossain

Toxic greed

Smoke billows from chimneys of a brick kiln built near the Surma river in Sylhet. Photo: Sheikh Nasir

Toxic greed

If that were not enough, unscrupulous traders continue to dig up soil from the river banks and sell those to brick kiln owners. This entire operation is taking place under the nose of the authorities concerned, allege locals. Photo: Sheikh Nasir

Toxic greed

They say many land owners also sell topsoil out of greed. According to DoE, brick kilns are the top air polluter in seven major cities in the country. The photos were taken recently from Khadimpara and Tultikor unions, where this practice is rampant. Photo: Sheikh Nasir

School elections

Students assigned with various election duties instruct a voter how to cast ballot properly during the Student Cabinet election at Pabna Zilla School yesterday. Photo: Star

School elections

The voter puts a ballot into a ballot box. Around 1.14 crore students of high schools and madrasas across the country voted to elect an eight-member cabinet each for their respective institutions. Photo: Star

Second Kanchpur Bridge Ready

The newly-built 2nd Kanchpur Bridge over the Shitalakhya in Narayanganj is ready to be opened to traffic by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina tomorrow. It is built to ease traffic congestion on the Dhaka-Chattogram and Dhaka-Sylhet highways. The photo was taken recently. Photo: Star