Today's Gallery (2019.03.03)

The shade over the roadside bench hangs loosely from its frame and may hurt pedestrians any moment. The picture was taken yesterday near Banglamotor intersection. Photo: Rashed Shumon
Defying ban, an overloaded launch crosses the Buriganga. In many cases, trawlers are converted into this type of vessels, increasing risk of sinking. The photo was taken in Keraniganj area of Dhaka recently. Photo: Anisur Rahman
Three men, who lost their homes and belongings in Thursday's Bhasantek slum fire, scavenge for household items and scraps in the ditch above which their houses were built. Photo: Shaheen Mollah
Hundreds have been living without a roof above their head since the blaze, under a makeshift canopy. Photo: Shaheen Mollah
Some victims started building another canopy yesterday, to accommodate those under the open sky. Photo: Shaheen Mollah
Garbage trucks of Chattogram City Corporation ply the port city streets during daytime, violating directives to collect waste from 10pm to 6am, in covered vehicles. The photos were taken on Station Road around 4:30pm yesterday. Photo: Rajib Raihan
Photo: Rajib Raihan
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