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Today's Gallery (2018.09.13)

Tomtoms on highway...

On Dhaka-Sylhet highway, slow-moving Tomtoms -- locally made three-wheelers powered by batteries -- roam free. At the same place, a motorcyclist talks over the phone, driving one-handed. The photo was taken from Humayun Rashid Square area, just outside Sylhet city, recently. Photo: Sheikh Nasir

Rough Weather...

Unable to go to the sea to catch hilsa during the peak season due to inclement weather, fishermen cover themselves with plastic sheets in the rain and mend their nets to utilise their time at shore. The photo was taken at Fishery Ghat in Chittagong city yesterday. Photo: Rajib Raihan


With no safety gear on, a worker paints the footbridge at Bangla Motor intersection in the capital yesterday dangling from a makeshift rope ladder. Apart from falling to the busy street, he runs the risk of getting hit by high vehicles, like a double decker. Photo: Prabir Das