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Today's Gallery (2018.09.08)

laguna ban

A Laguna zooms right past the Police Headquarters at Fulbaria yesterday although the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) commissioner, through a press conference on Tuesday, announced the ban of the four-wheelers on major roads. The directive was defied the day before as well. Photo: Palash Khan

dumping of waste

Where this truck stands apparently used to be part of the second channel of the Buriganga, but the land gradually rose from the riverbed after indiscriminate dumping of waste. This truck of Dhaka South City Corporation was seen disposing of garbage directly into the channel yesterday, beside the embankment at Nurbagh, Kamrangirchar. Photo: Palash Khan

full albino tiger

Two tiger cubs enjoying the warmth and company of their mother at Chittagong Zoo. Three cubs were born to tiger couple Raj-Pori on July 19, but the lone male died the next day after being accidentally crushed under the tigress. Of the two surviving female siblings, one is white, otherwise known as albino. Acting deputy curator of the zoo, Dr Shahadat Hossain Suvo, said this is the first time a white tiger was born in Bangladesh. These rare tigers are usually categorised as partial or full albino, with the latter being rarer. The eye colour differentiates between a full albino (blue) and a partial albino (green or yellow). This one is a full albino. The photos were taken yesterday. Photo: Rajib Raihan

full albino tiger

Photo: Rajib Raihan

Bamboo used instead of iron rods

Bamboo has been used instead of iron rods in a retaining wall -- part of a project implemented by Bandarban Municipality -- at Khalagatha Natun Bazar area of the district town. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Sanjoy Kumar Barua