Today's Gallery (2018.06.29)

Two pedestrians passing through a narrow space between two buses stuck in traffic jam near Karwan Bazar in the capital yesterday. Many jaywalk across the busy streets of the city this way every day, putting theirs and others' lives at risk. Photo: Prabir Das
Bamboo structures set up for an event take up substantial space on the Abdul Gani Road, a major thoroughfare in the city, causing traffic predicament for commuters. Days after the event ended, the structures have not been taken down. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Rashed Shumon
Chapainawabganj's Kansat market, one of the largest mango markets of the country, is abuzz with buyers and sellers on Wednesday. Photo: Rabiul Hasan
A grower arrives there with baskets full of mangoes. Traders buy different varieties of mangoes, including Himsagar, Langra and Fazli, from the market and supply them to different parts of the country in trucks and other vehicles. Photo: Rabiul Hasan
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