Today's Gallery (2018.04.13) | The Daily Star

Today's Gallery (2018.04.13)

Finishing Touch...

Students of the Fine Arts Department of Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University in Mymensingh giving the final touches on their papier-mâché statue of a cock made for Mangal Shobhajatra on Pahela Baishakh. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Star

Nature Quest: Flower Power

Bees pollinating a cannon ball flower in Dhaka University area. Although, these flowers do not have any nectar, their pollen is still attractive for bees. The large, fragrant flowers grow on the cannonball tree. Although not a native species, the trees are cultivated in tropical countries and are prized for their beautiful, sweet-smelling flowers and fruits. Photo: Prabir Das