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Today's Gallery (2018.01.04)

bus lost control

The driver of the bus in the back lost control of the vehicle as it was getting off Dewan Ghat Overpass in Chittagong city yesterday and rammed the parked three-wheeler. The driver of the autorickshaw was injured in the incident. Photo: Rajib Raihan


The road from the capital's Farmgate intersection toward Tejgaon rail gate via Govt Science College has become quite impassable. Getting on this road from the Farmgate end is the most difficult as this area remains occupied most of the time with makeshift stores and rickshaws. The photo was taken recently. Photo: Sk Enamul Haq

canal called gowali chhara

What appears to be an open drain used to be a wide canal called Gowali Chhara in Sylhet city. Crucial to saving the city from waterlogging, this five-kilometre-long canal is now in its death throes with littering and encroachment all around. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Sheikh Nasir

illegal act

A child looks amused to be able to see colourful wild birds right on the street. Little does she know that the man carrying the birds is committing a crime, as catching and selling of wild birds and animals are illegal in the country. Nevertheless, such illegal act has been going on unabated even in the capital. The photo was taken yesterday from Kochukhet Bazar area in the city. Photo: Star

sufferings to pedestrians

The ongoing work of laying water supply pipelines, at Muradpur intersection in Chittagong city has turned surrounding areas muddy, causing immense sufferings to pedestrians. The photo was taken yesterday during morning rush hour around 10:00am. Photo: Rajib Raihan

sufferings to pedestrians

Photo: Rajib Raihan

Dhaka International Trade Fair

People gather at a stall of plastic products at the ongoing Dhaka International Trade Fair yesterday. Photo: Prabir Das