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Today's Gallery (2017.12.18)

dilapidated pontoons

Dilapidated pontoons and ferries float beneath the Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge on the Shitalakkhya in Mukterpur of Narayanganj. Used by the Bangladesh Roads and Highways Department during construction work, they now gather rust, with some even sinking. Photo: Anisur Rahman


The steel rod foundation trap garbage, completely blocking the passage of water. Photo: Anisur Rahman

sewage canal

What looks like a garden of herbs is actually a recently renovated sewage canal in the capital's Beriband in Rayerbazar. Real estate developers constructing high rise buildings next to it, built a foot bridge over it to make transit of material easier, despite there being a road just up ahead. Photo: Anisur Rahman

Time almost up for typists

A typist resting his head on his keyboard. With hardly any work around, typists are another unfortunate victims of progress. Photo: Rajib Raihan

Time almost up for typists

Typists in Chittagong's Agrabad are passing their days concerned about their future, struggling everyday to make ends meet. With development in technology, typists are no longer in demand. With some having reached the latter stages of their lives, retraining for another profession does not seem like an option. Photo: Rajib Raihan