Today's Gallery (2016.10.08)

A boatload of stone after a whole day's work earns Tk 250 each for Wahid and Raju. They are out in the Piyain river in Gowainghat upazila of Sylhet with some 100 other children to quarry stone. Going to school is not in their minds because their families survive on their backbreaking labour. The photo was taken late last month. Photo: Sheikh Nasir
Dumping of construction waste encroaching on the Buriganga river near the Loharpool bridge in the capital's Kamrangirchar continues unabated by influentials with complete disregard to the law while water hyacinths grow unchecked, impacting water flow, blocking sunlight from reaching aquatic plants and starving the water of oxygen. The photo was taken on Thursday. Photo: Anisur Rahman
Students come out of an exam centre inside the Arts Building in Dhaka University yesterday following tests for admission to medical colleges. A total of 90,426 admission seekers vied in the test against 3,212 seats in public medical colleges and 6,205 seats in private medical colleges. Photo: Palash Khan
Devotees offer prayers to Goddess Durga at the Gulshan Sarbojanin Puja Udjapan Mandap set up on the field near Banani Bazar in the capital yesterday marking the start of a five-day religious festival, the biggest for the Hindu community. The festival will come to an end with the immersion of the goddess' idols in water bodies on October 11. Photo: Rashed Shumon
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