Today's Gallery (18.05.2015)

Erosion has narrowed the 22km Barisal city-Banaripara road making it nearly impossible for two large vehicles to pass each other without colliding or veering off the road. If repair works are not started immediately, the upcoming monsoon will aggravate the situation and increase the likelihood of accidents. Already, the 12km narrow stretch of the road has witnessed four crashes in the last two months, in which more than six people were killed and 25-30 others were injured. The photo was taken in Durgasagar area of Banaripara upazila yesterday. Photo: Arifur Rahman
Irfan Islam, president of JCI Dhaka South, along with other board members, at a daylong camp to collect 100 bags of blood from the members of JCI Dhaka South, which in partnership with Quantum has launched a project titled "Saving 100 Lives" to create positive changes in society. Photo: Collected
Oblivious of the far reaching consequences, garbage collected from nearby areas being dumped right on the Turag river, the banks of which in this spot near the Ashulia bridge have already been turned into a landfill, spoiling the river's biodiversity and spreading diseases downstream. The photo was taken last Thursday. Photo: Palash Khan
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