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Eid TV Shows

de dour

The seven episode Eid TV serial ‘De Dour’ is scheduled to air the fifth installment today on BanglaVision at 6:10 pm. Featuring a stellar cast including Zahid Hasan, Nusrat Imrose Tisha, Salauddin Lavlu and Tania Ahmed, amongst others, ‘De Dour’ is written and directed by Rajibul Islam Rajib.


For those who have missed out on enjoying the ever popular Eid special programme ‘Ityadi’, there is good news. BTV World will run a repeat telecast today after the English news at 10 pm.

mohuare attohonon

Zakia Bari Mamo will star in a special Eid tele-fiction airing at 8 pm on Ekushey TV today. Titled ‘Mohuar Attohonon’, it will also feature actors like S M Jonny and Pirjada Harun among others. It is directed by Boron Nath.

slowmo solaiman

Nagorik TV will broadcast ‘Slowmo Solaiman’ today at 9:20 pm. Directed by Rahat Mahmud, the tele-fiction stars Sabnam Faria opposite Tawsif Mahbub.