Luxury in a tub: The ultimate summer indulgence!

Sure, the world is a mess right now. Making sense of the strange, sad circumstances we currently live in is overwhelming. Add to that the stress of your work and household chores, and the hot and humid weather only adds fuel to fire. But you deserve -- now more than ever, really -- to occasionally escape from all that and enjoy some guilt-free pampering.

One brilliant way of doing it is by taking long, luxurious baths at home.

These guilt-free passes can come with many reasons. You can do it for your health — your physical and mental well-being — to cool off and unwind after a long summer day, to heat up your romance by asking your better half to join in the bathtub with you, or to enjoy some me-time.

Or simply, to be lazy; that seems to be a reason legit enough!

Setting the mood

Scrub the tub: Because there's no point in lying around in dirty water! So, first things first, rinse the bathtub well to rid of the dust and dirt.

Get all goodies at arms' reach: You can finally finish up the novel you have been reading, or, turn through pages of a magazine -- while relaxing in the bathtub. Or drink your favourite drink or a detox. Or savour some chocolates. All are fair game. But do put them near enough, so that you do not need to get up in the middle of your relaxing bath. A bathtub caddy or bathtub tray is great, but if you do not have that, you can easily use a makeshift one by borrowing a holder of some sort from around the house. Better leave your mobile phone behind if you can; but if you must bring it along, at least put it on silent.    

Let the music play: Nothing beats music when it comes to setting the mood. And bathroom acoustic sounds great too, doesn't it? Mini-speakers or portable Bluetooth speakers can save the day; even your phone. Jazz or other soothing tunes are great, but so are your favourite songs from any genre — whatever works for you! 

Let there be (dim) light: Switch off the boring bulb, and light some scented candles or replace the regular bulb with something more relaxing, because we lied when we said that nothing beats music when it comes to mood-setting: lighting plays a huge role too!

With the tub clean and the mood set, start the water running at a temperature you find comfortable, and prepare for an indulgent bath.


Essentials: There is a wide array of essential oils you can use for an aromatic and relaxing bath. Lavender, rosemary, rose, and lemongrass are few of the more popular ones. Instead of directly pouring some into the bathtub, always apply it via carrier oils like olive oil, and don't forget to stir the bath for dispersion or circulation throughout the water.

Bombs: A bath bomb is basically a ball, which, when launched into the water, melts and colours the bathwater whilst releasing amazing fragrances and sometimes skin-benefitting ingredients as well. Try it out to add some razzmatazz to your bath.

Bubbles: If you fancy a bubble bath, get a product off the shelves or make one yourself by mixing half cup liquid body soap with a tablespoon of honey and an egg white.

Other than these basics, there are numerous other 'ingredients' one can use — from the popular Epsom salt to the unconventional oatmeal! But for starters, the right ambience and simple, common ingredients shall go a long way.

A recipe for beginners

Possibly the easiest luxurious bath is milk bath. Yes, most of us have heard of it and imagined it. But how many of us actually tried it at home?

Pour three cups of milk and four tablespoons of honey to the running water. Swish around the water to mix. You may also add essential lavender oil and also throw in some rose petals to top it all.

And then, get to the bathtub, sink into the luxury, and relax. You are the king or queen of your world!

In fact, it is often said that the powerful and most beautiful queen, Cleopatra, used to bathe in milk (donkey milk, though).

Or be like the good-hearted Vivian in Pretty Woman, played by Julia Roberts, heartily singing in the bathtub; or feel like the hardened gangster Tony Montana in his lavish tub in Scarface, played by Al Pacino. Or perhaps, pretend to be the great mathematician Archimedes, who shouted 'Eureka' after making a ground-breaking discovery in the bath — just don't run off naked in the streets like he did, as the legend goes!


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