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  • M H Haider

  • Culinary revolutions of the decade

    In an attempt to make sense of this chaos, what would you say were the trends Dhaka’s gastronomic scene saw in the past decade — the top 10 culinary revolutions of the 2010s?
  • Are you a Dhakaiite?

    Simply put, anyone who has been living in Dhaka is a Dhakaiite. But we would say this is a rather narrow and dull definition. Being a citizen of this city is no easy feat. Dhaka is one big challenge! And yet, we stick to it, fighting every day, and also reaping the benefits of living in the capital.
  • Dhaka depictions: A city through artists’ eyes

    We have a constant love-hate, or bittersweet relationship with our city. And one cannot deny that despite all the flaws which make the capital unbearable at times, there is a charm and beauty to it.
  • Tête-à-tête at Tantaba T

    We don’t need an excuse to drink tea. Nevertheless, if you do need one — it’s winter, a season that calls for endless chitchats over a soothing cup of hot tea.
  • Nawab Chatga: Four years and beyond

    It seems like yesterday when I first walked into Nawab Chatga to delight my Chittagonian palate in Dhaka. And for someone who was born and raised in Chattogram, it did not fail to do that. Can’t believe it has been four years since then! Time flies.