Aranya’s natural bounty

This is one fashion house that celebrates earth tones in its most literal sense. Aranya pours its heart and soul into creating exquisite handmade, naturally dyed clothes for men, women, and children.

The designers blend pigments from indigo, madder, marigold, and olive into ethnic fabrics, to create saris, kurtis, shalwar kameezs, and panjabis. Every piece of clothing at Aranya carries the energy of leaves, petals, vegetables and trees, keeping us firmly tied to home.

Aranya is more than just a fashion brand -- it is a lifestyle choice that strongly includes natural, sustainable living, and the preservation of the Bangladeshi heritage. Aranya empowers local artisans to keep traditional weaving and dying techniques thriving so that Bangladesh never forgets our khadi, Jamdani and Nakshikantha.

The Aranya look is simple sophistication in muted hues with prints that brings out the beauty of Bengali artistry. Although that is an ideal look throughout the year, the earthy colours in the selection of cotton, silk, and linen, will bring the sense of a soothing breeze in the scorching heat.

As we head towards the summer solstice, earthy tones on cotton and silk will keep us looking and feeling cool and serene. Aranya presents a brand new collection for the month of Ramadan and the culminating Eid, that is vibrant yet soothing to the eye, and of course very comfortable.

Aranya's Eid Collection 2019 presents new block prints, wax prints, and new combination of natural dyes. The new collection shows more focus on the assortments of indigo, madder, catechu and olive, myrobalan and betel nut.

There are many three-piece kameezs and kurtis that come in heavy block prints in silk, cotton and khadi. The Catechu Glee cotton kameez is a soft brown that is perfect for Eid breakfast.

For men, there's a wide selection of cotton panjabis in deep and light shades of blue and red. The Blue Rhapsody cotton panjabi is yet another combination of indigo and myrobalan that brings out a really cool combination of blues and greys, perfect for a day under the sun. For those who gravitate more towards rouge, there is a selection of panjabis dyed in madder with intricate block prints.

Aranya's core principle of sustainable and responsible living is the driving force of their success. And they are immensely grateful for their customers that have supported their journey and their quest for social fairness.


Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Model: Antora, Orko

Styling: Sonia Yeasmin Isha

Wardrobe: Aranya

Make-up: Farzana Shakil's Makeover Salon


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