Eid Recipe Special 2018 | The Daily Star
  • Cooking With Spices

    This is a great example of nose-to-tail eating. Beef heart is a working muscle, and like any good steak, needs fast cooking over high heat to remain tender. Beef heart kebabs might seem like a recipe for the adventurous, but they are absolutely delicious and not offaly as one might expect, but lean and satisfyingly rich.

  • Pickles it is!

    However you decide on plating the many types by PRAN Achar, this very element should prove to the rest of the world the very eloquence and finesse of our gastronomical mastery.

  • Just another Summer

    Mixing it up with Dabur Honey ensures elevated tastes in meals on the dinner table, lunch at office or family mealtime during the eids.

  • We scream - ice cream!

    In a blender, add mango pulp along with sugar and blend until smooth. Don't add additional water. Add in milk and blend for a few minutes more or until the shake is quite thick. Add a scoop or two of Igloo Vanilla Ice Cream to the mixture and blend for 10 more seconds. Serve immediately. Decorate as you wish.

  • In love with yoghurt

    I had read enough parenting books already, encouraging me to build false hope. I thought I knew all the tips and tricks and had already mastered the subject matter. But could I be anywhere near the truth – not at all!

  • Eid Special Hyderabadi Biryani Recipe

    Biryani Bonanza

    It is believed that Mughals were the first to introduce biryani in North India, whereas South India was exposed to its brilliance through the Arabs.

  • Foodies' delight

    So here are a few dishes, using Rupchanda Lessorb Soyabean oil, that are sure to catch the foodies-in-waiting's fancy.

  • Divine red meat

    It's among the most divisive of food in the history of nutrition, although people have been eating it throughout history, many believe it to be harmful. Mammalian muscle meat including beef, lamb and mutton and veal are classified as red.

  • Just another party

    One advice to the new moms out there would be to always – 'keep it simple.' Let me give you another piece of advice, any sort of red sauce is always a bonus, especially if its PRAN Sauce! Everything else will fall into place.

  • Cult cuisine

    Here's to celebrating the joy of cooking with easy-to-make recipes, making use of Knorr's amazing Crispy Fried Chicken Mix, that tingles our taste buds, exploding in the form of joyous recollections.