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The not-so-ordinary condiment!

Salt — love it or hate it, you can’t do without it. We are not talking of using it as a seasoning or an essential ingredient only though! Here some of the best things centred on salt that you can do on your own.


You read that right. New Market, Dhaka’s ultimate source of all things, stocks these beautiful crystal-like pink chunks. Prices range between Tk 400 to Tk 500 per kg, and if you know your way around the bargaining game, you are sure to score a good deal!

You may have to refer to it as ‘low sodium salt’ and put on your best restraining face to look not too desperate for it.


Now that you have secured yourself a chunk of wholesome goodness, time to make the best use of it...

Grind the salt, preferably in a stone mortar and pestle, and mix with petroleum jelly or other similar base of choice for a homemade skin exfoliating scrub. Remember, for exfoliation, coarser grains are good for legs every other day, finer grains only for face or other sensitive areas for twice a week.

The pink Himalayan salt is also good for a foot bath after a long day of standing on your feet. To make the foot bath, prepare a brine with the Himalayan salt and soak your legs up to your knees for 20-30 minutes. The salt is best used when diluted in a 1kg per 100 litre water proportion. You can even go for an immersive salt bath at home for full on spa-like experience.

Note that this is raw un-refined Himalayan salt and it is not recommended for ingestion.


While you are waiting for your foot bath or scrub to set in, why not have a go at an in-depth on salt? The salt shaker on your table has an immense tale and it is told in its finest form in ‘Salt: A world History’ by Mark Kurlansky. From the very beginnings of this condiment, which once held an immense position of power and status, Kurlansky explores all and much more, including obscure old-world recipes.

You will come to know about out-of-the-world salt cellars and the prowess of the Hanseatic League centred solely on salt trade as well the origin of many well-used phrases based on salt! And the best part is you do not have to be a history buff, Kurlansky’s narrative is easy to latch onto and even easier to follow through as you go continent hopping.


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