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Culture of bespoke tailoring

Anything tailor-made to our preferences and measurements can be categorised as bespoke tailoring, and unlike what some might perceive it-- as a designer dress, it does not need to be one. For ages, this is the method people would rely on for their wardrobes until the storm of ready-made garments sort of took over. And with our lack of time, the latter seemed like an easier option as well. However, longer sleeves, not enough width, and a bad fit are some of the things we experience from these ready-made clothes, making us run to our trusty tailors time and again, despite the regular complaints almost all of us have about the skill level or timeliness of some of them.



Those of us who know little to none about tailoring or measurements get into trouble while buying fabrics or laces as we never know the right amounts. A call to your local tailor solves that in a jiffy. Even if you do not choose to give them the materials, they do not mind, and are glad to help out.



They are fast, smooth, and best of all, they are great listeners. You can hand them three designs and ask for a single piece, and they will be willing to listen to your 30 minutes of instructions. No matter how crazy the designs are, they are always up for the challenge, and for the most part, deliver what they promise. It is true that we have all faced situations where designs have not come to life, but bringing a design from Sabyasachi and asking for a recreation from a local is just pushing your luck. Nevertheless, they never turn away fixing whatever you ask for.



Let us not even get to the altering. Local tailors are literally the only people in the world who can solve your sudden wardrobe mishaps, or any sort of fixes you might require. From sudden stiches, to adding a lace or a quick fit, no one can do it quicker. What is important here, aside from the pace of course, is the willingness to actually perform. Whether the dress was initially tailored by them is not even a factor, they will happily fix your clothes in exchange for a minor charge.



Has your tailor ever denied a dress, even when it is the impossible 3 days prior to Eid? In most cases, the answer is no. They pull the impossible and deliver your dress when you ask for it. Although horror stories are also common, and not many have escaped moaning about the late deliveries and messed up designs. 



You decided on a long dress, but after some thinking at home, you want a change. You call up the tailor, and voila, they have been incorporated, no questions asked. This kind of flexibility is something that is a must when making bespoke clothes. We cannot always have the right ideas while at the tailors, so some changes can be expected, and this flexibility is definitely a requirement, which our local tailors have a lot of!



We have all been there; wanting a Bollywood dress for ourselves, and the quickest way was bringing the materials to our local tailors. And most of the time, the outcomes were impressively identical. This whole process had a thrill about it. From buying the materials to holding the final products, it used to be ecstatic, a feeling we can never get from a store bought outfit. So regardless of all the running around, somewhere inside, we feel good, which makes it worthwhile.



These are not the most experienced or licensed fashion designers, so it makes sense that a few trips are necessary at times for that perfect dress and more importantly, that perfect fit. But not everyone is willing to take the challenge, and definitely not at the price these tailors charge. So weighing the options, nothing beats our local tailors, not even the biggest of designers.



While a lot might be moving onto ready-made clothes or opting for designer outfits, they do not fill the purpose of everyday attires. A high-end designer will not be willing to listen to your complaints or alterations after the first time, nor are they affordable for every piece of garment. These local tailors have an added advantage of being only five minutes away. These people are more than just tailors, they are artists bringing ideas to life.

Times will only get busier, but no one will ever be able to make our clothes the sheer perfection pieces they are like our tailors, making them a very important part of our and our wardrobe's lives. So our verdict, tailoring is not, and will never be a dying culture as long as people care about how their outfits look. This is an age-old tradition, and no matter the big fashion changes that keep coming, this is one step that will remain constant at all times.


Photo: LS Archive/Sazzad Ibne Sayed

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