Spring is here

The other day while returning home from an exhaustive day of work, I was perplexed by the song of the wind and dancing trees waiting for me outside the four walls. It was the call of Boshonto – spring is here! It is at our door steps. It's at your neighbourhood and everywhere around us.  These days nature has decorated herself with the colours and is asking us to make time to witness the change she brought with her. Let's go out and join the festivity. Take a break from your busy schedule. You may take a stroll in your neighbouring park; in the weekend just start a long walk in the afternoon, be it towards airport, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Begum Rokeya Sharani, Dhanmondi according to your convenience. Look at the trees around you, look at the new leaves – their shades and try to notice the leaves crumbling beneath your steps– what you see is the reflection of our lives. It is time to go – say goodbye and let the new comers arrive and have their time.  As you walk through the road or hurry past in a moving vehicle, try to observe what is around you.  We still have some roadside trees, plants and flowers in the islands or at the corners – let's enjoy the beauty of our concrete lives.  

Have you noticed the change in the big trees? They have already dropped their outer attire and are now dressed in their new green leaves – first the buds and then their poking noses and finally the green covering all the body.  Just amazing! You will instantly sing with the nature 'Boshonto eshey gechey' - Spring is here!

In the midst of our urban lives, sometimes it is difficult to hear the sound of the fallen leaves or look at the dance of the tree branches and altogether enjoy the orchestra of nature and clap along. In days like these I go back to my childhood and the time when the children used to play in the woods – climbing was a favourite game and a skill to admire.  You can relive those moments if you decide to visit your ancestral home one weekend.  Go to your village home and say hello to the trees around the homestead – sit by the pond. You can even get a fishing hook and try your luck.  Walk through the isle of the paddy fields.  You will see the perfect quilt with shades and colours - the tapestry made by our farmers.  The experience will be amazing and rewarding, I am sure. Take along your children and family - you will love and cherish this trip for long. 

If you are unable to make time for any of the above, just come out from your room – go to your balcony or step up to the roof.  What you see – the colours around you will make you feel that life is beautiful - sometimes!

Photo Courtesy: Laila Karim


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