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The body is more than the sum of its parts. It is physical and energetic. Various parts of our body generate various frequencies and the body and its organs have their own energy frequencies which are continually changing. When balanced, we experience healthy functioning of our mind and body. When imbalanced, conditions of disease arise rooted in this energy system. If our "life force" is low or blocked, or excessive, we experience ill health. We have an astral plane made up of energy discs that vibrate. These energy centres are called chakras. They govern our physical and psychological body. Each chakra has its own mantra sound (vibrational frequency) and postures as well as foods which nourish it. The repetition of suitable affirmations can also help set intentions to break old patterns and create new ones. Understanding this system can help us look after our health and well-being. The chakras align with our endocrine system: Muladhara — adrenal gland; Svadhisthana — reproductive organs (ovaries and testes); Manipura — pancreas; Anahata — thymus; Vishudha — thyroid; Ajna – pituitary; and Sahasra — pineal.

Muladhara — I am

Element: Earth

The root chakra is made up of the tailbone, the legs, and the feet. It governs our feeling of survival, safety, security, and grounding. It has to do with one's sense of identity, family, home, and being.

When this chakra is balanced, we experience a feeling of belonging and stability. We feel secure in our family and finances. To balance this chakra, we can eat red food such as pomegranate, grapes, and tomatoes.  We can also practice grounding asanas such as squats, lunges, warriors and hip opening poses such as pigeon and frog.

The mantra for this chakra is VAM.

Svadhisthana — I feel

Element: Water

The sacral chakra is made up of our reproductive region, our hips, and our pelvis. It governs our sensuality, sexuality and creativity. It has to do with our feelings and emotions. When this chakra is balanced, we experience the ability to go with the flow and we can enjoy pleasure. To balance this chakra, eat foods that are orange in colour and practice asanas that activate the pelvis, sacral area, lower abdomen, and hips.

The mantra is VAM.

Manipuri — I do

The solar plexus chakra is made up of our stomach and solar plexus area. It governs our digestive system and our self-confidence. It has to do with action and our ability to get things done. When this chakra is balanced, we have a healthy will power and sense of responsibility. To keep this chakra active, we should eat yellow food such as bananas and lemon. For asanas, we can do poses that activate the abdomens like boat pose and twists.

The mantra for this chakra is RAM.

Anahata — I love

Element: Air

The heart chakra is made up of our lungs and heart, arms and hands. This chakra governs over our respiratory and circulatory systems as well as our ability to give and receive love. It also governs our ability to heal.

When balanced, our heart beats to the rhythm of joy. To keep this chakra healthy, we need to eat green food like spinach and guava. We can also do heart opening asanas such as cobra, wheel, and camel pose. Or pranayama, the exercise of breath.

The mantra is YAM.

Vishudha — I speak

Element: Ether

The throat chakra governs our thyroid gland and neck and shoulders. To balance this chakra, eat foods that are turquoise or blue in colour and do asanas such as fish pose, lord of the fishes, and shoulder stand. Humming (brohmori mudra) and Brahma Mudra are also good for the throat.

The mantra for this chakra is HUM.

Ajna — I see

Element: Light

The third eye chakra governs our intuition, awareness, and insight. This chakra also rules over psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy, dreams, imagination, and visualisation.

When imbalanced, we may suffer from headaches and migraines, as well as an inability to see the big picture. To exercise this chakra, we can practice Kapal Bathi pranayama and asanas such as eagle pose, dolphin pose, and child's pose.

The mantra sound is Om.

Sahasrara — I know

Element: Thought

The crown chakra governs our spiritual connection to God-universe-higher self... It also governs mental health. To exercise this chakra, eat foods that are violet in colour. Asanas for this chakra include rabbit pose and head stand. Meditation is especially useful for exercising this chakra.

The mantra is Om.

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Photo courtesy: Shazia Omar


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