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Glad tidings of the cuckoo

Chondona Dewan is royalty when you think of ‘deshi’ fashion. Once you step inside her store, there’s an encircling aura of comfort, helping you to relax, laying on the comfy couch; peering through the display racks from a distance.

April 09, 2019

As you gaze through, you realise that everything looks attractive and your consciousness wants to be a part of it all.

So, when Chondona Dewan introduces her Baishakhi line for the upcoming Bengali New Year, 1426, there’s no way that you can delay a day before flouncing onto it.

“Every Baishakh, I try to do something different,” said the master crafter. “This time I felt an urge to reconnect with my childhood memories of the blood red Krishnachura blooming in summer, the soothing green of the taro plant and the singing koyels of the rural Bengal.”

As you look through the designs, you realise all over again how culturally rich our beautiful Bengal is. The cotton saris and kameezs are skilfully hand painted, block printed or screen printed with attractive motifs that immediately transports the wearer and the onlookers, to the beautiful green setting of rural Bengal.

“The blouses have been developed as a contrast to the saris, because I didn’t want them to lose focus in the canvas. The blouse needs to stand out, always!” said the designer.

If the men are upset, wondering why designers never focus on them and feel a little bit left out, then good news, as Chondona Dewan plans benevolently for the men as well. 

“I know that gentlemen don’t like too many prints or complexity on their clothes. Keeping that in mind, I designed a separate wardrobe inspired by Baishakhi colours and minimal motifs. They would easily be able to pair with their better half and yet, not steal the thunder from beneath the ladies’ feet,” chuckled Dewan.

And truly so!

All the designs at Chondon’s are intelligently conceptualised, looking striking on a couple with matched attire.

Baishakh or not, these soft, light and almost airy cotton can be worn all throughout the year and not just on one single day.

If that’s not a gift for the New Year, then what is?


Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Model: Arpita, Tabinda, Nazia, Niki

Styling: Sonia Yeasmin Isha

Make-Up: Farzana Shakil’s

Makeover Salon

Wardrobe: Chondon