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KFC Dhanmondi – better than ever!

KFC fans in Dhaka faced a small setback earlier in September when the Dhanmondi outlet had to be closed for renovations. But what awaited them was a pleasant surprise when the two-story outlet was re-opened and became the largest KFC outlet in South East Asia!

The décor now boasts of what is identified as a retro look, with more space to 'chillax,' as the saying goes, and escape the noises of the city. Entering the premises, you will be welcomed with invitingly comfy lounging chairs. The ordering counter is as friendly and busy as ever, but the lines are cleared within mere minutes. You can take the wide winding stairs to visit the second floor. The upper floor is a spacious seating area to truly kick back and take in the sights of the streets below. The wall to wall, wide glass windows allow for ample light and create an ambience for the typical 'adda' that we so love! With a seating capacity of 190, there is ample space for everyone. Even if you are not in the mood for chicken and the like, you can always stretch out with one of KFC's signature Krushers, available only at the upper floor. For this outlet in particular, you can also enjoy some exclusive beverages like Mighty Mango, Choco Crisp, Berry Crisp, Masala Sparkle and Pepsi Float.

The exposed lighting fixtures, the large old-school tungsten bulbs in hanging shades, and open brick walls have that beatnik look without the smoke laden interiors. If it happens to be a rainy afternoon (which does happen on occasion) the upstairs seating is most recommended. Even with a sizeable crowd, the noise and chatter are not invasive, thanks to the new seating arrangement. Spacing and lighting have been taken into consideration for the shutterbugs. Instagrammers can have the right light for that perfect post, whether it's a food shot or selfies with large groups with one of the posters of Colonel Sanders. The founder is prominently featured in the downstairs lounging area with old photos, adding to the backstory of the brand. In fact, just as you walk in, everywhere you will see the Colonel's heritage, which is reflected in the hospitality of the KFC staff as well.

As for children, there is never a dull moment with the upstairs play area. The upstairs also features a spacious party zone for birthdays, get-togethers, semi-formal meetings etc. A plus point here is that this zone can be set up to any requirement, thanks to the open design. Just make sure your booking is done with the outlet manager as early as possible.

Of course, this is new look is not limited to one outlet only. The CEO of Transcom Foods Ltd (Franchisee of KFC and Pizza Hut) Amit Dev Thapa said, "This is a new look for KFC, the design is called Always Original. We have so far used this design in Dhaka's Gulshan, Uttara, Bashundhara Gate, Paltan, as well as in Chittagong and Cox's Bazaar. We plan to roll out this design in the next 6 to 12 months in all KFC outlets."

For now, what makes the Dhanmondi outlet special is that here, you can enjoy your stay at your pace — be it for a quick bite, or catching up with a friend. And with that, you have the familiar finger lick'in good food to keep you coming back for more!


Photo: KFC Bangladesh

Address: KFC Dhanmondi

House 84, Road 7/A, Satmosjid Road Dhanmondi R/A

Dhaka 1205

Phone: 09613 777888

Email: [email protected]

For more information, visit 


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