Halda Valley’s ‘Spring Flush’

Pahela Baishakh 2022: Pahela Baishakh is back

Halda Valley has come up with a Spring Flush collection of tea. Made from the first leaves of the tea plant, these are collected in spring at Halda Valley's tea garden in Fatikchari, Chittagong. This tea is already disseminated across the country in a special packaging, the Spring Flush collection.

Recently, the new combo packs of the Spring Flush collection were inaugurated in the presence of the top executives of the organisation. The entrepreneur of Halda Valley, Nader Khan said, "Spring Flush is unique and delectable with its taste and aroma during any time of the year. That is why the Spring Flush collection has a demand and reputation globally."

To give pleasure and premium taste to tea lovers, Spring Flush has three different flavours — Red Robe Oolong Tea, Dragon Well Green Tea, and Halda Valley Black Tea. These three variants of tea are available in three combo packages —Crimson, Verdant, and Sapphire. However, the combo packages will be available as per stock. Halda Valley's Spring Flush tea collection also can be purchased online from https://haldavalley.com 



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