Beauty Talk

Beauty Talk

Winter skin care

We are terribly influenced by those around us regarding the use of products. It’s important to be aware of your skin type before you set out to take care of it.

Beauty talk / Beauty in the rainy Summer

Thunderstorms and rain have ushered in the rainy season which means we need to tweak and tailor our beauty regimen to suit the changing weather. The heat causes additional problems for oily and combination skin types - which are the most common skin types in Bangladesh.

Beauty Kit of the Week: Sublime Yellow

The beauty world is awash with yellow.

Summer essentials

Dry hair attracts moisture from the air; puffing up the cuticles, and making it scaly and therefore appearing frizzy.

Beauty talk / Contouring is the name of the game

Bold matt lips and shimmer eyes are on the global runway scene this Fall/Winter 2016.

Beauty talk / The brows matter too!

Sometimes the most ignored, and often the most over-tweaked, yet very essential feature of the face are the eyebrows!

beauty tips / SUMMER EYES

We all know summer means loads of colours. This summer neon eyes or statement eyes have made their way in, and they are here for good. However, if you don't know where to start to start letting your eye do the talking, here's a detailed guide.

Highlighting and contouring

Beauty and makeup go hand-in-hand; anyone experiencing life in Dhaka will know how busy our schedules are, with all the weddings and parties and other social events crashing together.

Balanced diet, exercise and skincare

Our skin is the largest organ of the human body. Taking good care of our skin is just as important as getting proper nutrition...