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Summer essentials

Q. How do we tackle summer frizz?

Dry hair attracts moisture from the air; puffing up the cuticles, and making it scaly and therefore appearing frizzy. Use a good quality conditioner so as to lock in the moisture.  Use conditioning cream or leave in serums for best results. Hair masks, for deep conditioning, used regularly will also help.

Q. Summer, even monsoon, is dreadful for oily skins. Some are scared to moisturise lest it gives them blocked pores and pimples! How to resolve such a terrible dilemma?

Yes, moisturising creams for oily skin in summer can be a real disaster, but oily skin also needs hydration and that need can be met by using a lighter consistency Aloe Vera gel or aqua gels. 

It is important to keep your skin clean and pores open, therefore a good face wash twice a day is a must. Use toner during the course of the day to reduce the oil. Leaving on the oil will attract dust and dirt, and by the end of the day irritate and block your pores forming pimples. Wet wipes are also a good option. 

Use clay based masks; they draw out impurities from the skin and also help close pores.

Q. How can I fade my acne marks naturally?

Acne marks appear when pimples are damaged by pressing and puncturing.  So step one is to not press out. This not only leads to scarring but also helps spread it to the surrounding skin area. 

If you have already done the damage please know that scars will fade slowly over a couple of months. The uneven skin can be made smooth by derma abrasion. 

Use of turmeric, lemon juice, neem powder and yoghurt is a perfect mask. Use it regularly every alternate day for a month to heal, and lighten marks.

Q. The heat of the summer will encourage a lot of rashes to spring up. How do we tackle such claptraps?

Clean, tone, moisture is the mantra for good skin. Be aware of your skin type and the fact that it changes with the weather. Sensitive skin tends to break out in rashes. To prevent that protection is of paramount. Use sun screen regularly. 

Aloe Vera is a boon for clearing rashes, flaky skin and other minor skin ailments. Coconut oil and tea tree oil work really well on skin rashes.

Q. How do we get rid of blackheads?

Blackheads are a mixture of trapped oil within the pores, and dirt from the atmosphere. The mixture appears as either blackheads when in contact with air, or whiteheads, which are not yet exposed and therefore not easily visible. Either way they need clearing. 

Steaming pores open and gently prodding urges them to ooze and closing them again with ice is the good old tried and tested method. Nasal strips are available these days and are quite effective. 

Using a gentle scrub everyday encourages the removal of excess oil and keeps pores clean. Clay based packs will draw out impurities from the full face. 

Q. What should every person have in their makeup kit?

The choice of makeup kit depends entirely from person to person. Here is a list of must-haves in a basic kit - primer, foundation, compact powder. Eyeliner, eye pencil, mascara, brow pencil, neutral matt shadow, blush, lipstick, and lip balm. Also make sure to include a good brush set for application, wet wipes and cotton buds. 

Q. What can be done to reduce premature wrinkles, and how can I use makeup to conceal wrinkles?

Moisturise and protect - the two essential points that are absolutely essential for good skin. Use of sun block and its reapplication during the course of the day is necessary.  Moisturise as and when needed by your skin type. At no point should your skin feel tight and uncomfortable. Keeping it supple is essential. 

Slightly older skin should avoid crystalline shadows and foundations. Stick to matt shades. The shine in shadows only defines the lines. Reduction of powder is recommended.  If skin is supple and moist it will look healthier and younger. 

Q. Can you suggest some home remedies for reducing pimples? 

Tea tree oil works wonders on pimples. Another option is hexasol. Dip a cotton bud in it and repeatedly clean the pimple. It will dry it and make it disappear. It is important not to pop the pimple as it will lead to scarring. 

By Sadia moyeen 

Beautician, La Belle, 13/A /2 

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