Relationship Matters: Confused relationships

Star Lifestyle brings to you the brand-new relationship advice column, from certified experts.
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Our relationships and how we navigate them keep evolving with the times. Often, we find questions or worries so personal that they can only be shared with a stranger, but any random stranger is no real solace! Nor is the advice safe. With that in mind, Star Lifestyle brings to you a brand-new relationship advice column from certified experts. This hopes to tackle the host of worries, questions and forks in roads of the relationships plane that includes the personal, professional to psychological.

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"I have had a long-standing relationship and was quite happy till now. Recently, I met a friend of his and we three are spending a lot of time together. I feel that I am developing a crush on his friend. I wish to spend less time with this friend. How do I approach this sensitive issue?"

---- Anonymous

Dear Anonymous

The situation is a little more complex than it may sound to the average Joe. Having said that, these are also very normal feelings and may actually point out the fact, that you may be looking for different qualities in your partner.

In this case, to avoid feeling guilty, you need to diversify your social engagement for the moment. By which we mean, seeking new friends and spending quality time with them. You can also try switching completely away from 'the relationship angle' momentarily and focus on developing new hobbies like staying fit or learning new activities.

This, will give you enough time to understand what activities you actually like as a person and which qualities you 'seek' in your special other.

After you are clear with yourself, you need to have an open discussion with that special someone about shared activities, qualities which both of you appreciate in a person and work together on that angle.

If it still doesn't work out, there are many institutions providing couple's therapy. You can approach one of them to help you both work it out together in a peaceful manner.

Hope this solves your problem.