Hot Pink, Beige and Jaya Ahsan: the perfect combination to brighten up your screen

Jaya Ahsan in a combination of hot pink and beige
Jaya Ahsan in a combination of hot pink and beige. Photo: Collected

If there's one Bangladeshi actress whom we can turn to; for graceful sari looks, it is indisputably Jaya Ahsan. Flaunting her ethnic side to pitch-perfection, the actress is the style icon, and women of all ages tend to follow devoutly.

A few days ago, the actress posted a couple of pictures on her public profile, wearing a sari in the colour of soft beige with borders in the tone of hot pink. The sari flaunted subtle patterns of discs and peacock motifs engraved on a darker tone of brown. The perfect mélange of style, tradition, grace and fashion, Jaya decided to pair this sari with an equally bold and refreshing choice of hot pink, V-neck cut blouse. The blouse is patterned with small white kolki prints.

Hot pink is something that can be quite the tricky colour to dress with - too light pairing can be underwhelming, while darker shades can make the colour disappear.

Because the colour beige falls between these two extreme categories, it makes for an excellent match with hot pink. Each of these colours shares warm undertones. This makes for the combination to form a very vibrant but simultaneously quite mellow pair. Beige softens hot pink while the bold pink colour turns beige into a statement-maker. Since both of the colours are versatile, the shades bring out the best in each other, as is the case in any 'great' colour pairing.

The actress chose to accessorise her specific look, with a shining choker necklace, adorned with green and red stones. She chose to wear light, neutral makeup, a special style, for which there has been hype, for quite some time now. With the onset of the fall season, we have all the right reasons to adorn gorgeous lightweight and barely-there makeup looks. A simple take on the trend, the actress was seen wearing a very matte and natural base which suits her complexion well. She completed the look with a matte brown lip colouring and a small dot of red (tip) on her forehead. Her hair is put up into a refined bun, with a side part that gives it a tasteful, traditional look.

The most attention-grabbing part of her outfit is the shades - the very flattering butterfly shape of the shades she donned is highlighted with the contrast of the stone detailing.

Jaya Ahsan carried her traditional sari flawlessly, a definite fashionable moment for her to be weaved in ethnic charm. The actress not only invited a chic new look to traditional saris but also managed to keep the sheer magic in its grandeur.

Photo: Munmun Sutradhar 

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