• COVID-19 and Human Rights

    While countries around the world work to contain and limit the spread of COVID-19, certain human rights and allowable derogations become

  • Accessible book format for the persons with visual impairments

    Intellectual property (IP) system often faces ethical conundrums when it comes to serve the poor segment or to secure larger societal goals instead of protecting corporate interests. Likewise, book famine for visually impaired persons or persons otherwise with print

  • Is ”Legal Aid” a constitutional right?

    Political philosopher Charles de Montesquieu said, “In the state of nature...all men are born equal, but they cannot continue in this equality. Society makes them lose it, and they recover it only by the protection of the law.

  • Protecting the workers of informal sector

    International Labor Organization has demonstrated in its recent report that there are 2 billion workers across the world working in the

  • Three dimensions of access to justice for achieving SDGs

    Goal sixteen of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) pledges 'ensuring access to justice for all' as a target to be achieved.

  • CHILD REPRESSION AND KILLING: Issues and the ways out

    Child repression and killings have, in the last few years, increased precariously across the country, and the questions that have come to the forefront of the media relates to why such crimes have been increasingly taking place in Bangladesh and how the same can be combated nationally.

  • Protecting 'Climate Induced Migrants' of Bangladesh

    The annual report 2017 of Internal Displacement Monitoring Center-Bangladesh shows that, Bangladesh is impregnated with 946000 internally displaced people.

  • On norms of custody and guardianship

    In Bangladesh, we follow Family Courts Ordinance, 1985 and Guardians and Wards Act, (GWA) 1890 while dealing with cases related to custody and guardianship of children.

  • Women's workplace in legal profession

    The Constitution of Bangladesh envisages work as a right, assures the equality of opportunity and pledges to ensure participation of women in all spheres of public life.

  • Ensuring rights of the Harijan community

    GOD has created us as equal but we the human beings have differentiated ourselves in many division, sub-division and so on.

  • Protecting privacy in biometric data

    Nowadays biometric technology is increasingly used for a wide range of activities ranging from identity authentication to border security, voting system, health care, education and so on.

  • Purchasing impunity in the name of 'compensation'?

    On 19 June 2018, a pedestrian was struck and killed by a speeding SUV near Mohakhali flyover in Dhaka.

  • Unjustified termination of workers

    MR. Ahmed (pseudonym), started his career with one of the renowned real estate companies in the Dhaka. After 21 years of continuing service, the company terminated him from his service with immediate effect without any prior notice. Finding no other option Mr. Ahmed contacts with a lawyer to get his termination benefits and now his case in pending before the Labour Court, Dhaka. This is the common scenario of the employment sector of Bangladesh.


    Article 39 of the Constitution guarantees freedom of thought, conscience and expression. Freedom of expression ranges from the

  • OIC to form a body for Rohingya crisis


    The widespread violence against Rohingya Muslims causing civilian deaths, rapes, and forced deportation to Bangladesh has been

  • THE RTI MECHANISM: Issues of public interest and time duration

    Right to information has been the foundational basis of all rights. The UN General Assembly declared this right during its very first

  • Child marriage: A maze of dialectics

    A High Court Division (HCD) bench comprising of Justice Quazi Reza-Ul Hoque and Justice Mohammad Ullah, has issued a suo motu

  • On legal position of triple talaq in Bangladesh

    The Supreme Court of India, by a majority decision of 3:2, has pronounced the Muslim practice of instant triple talaq unconstitutional as it is violative of several provisions of the Constitution of India.

  • To rehabilitate juvenile offenders

    Alarge number of children in Bangladesh are facing violence in a wide range of settings including family, schools, workplaces,


    Energy, being the pre-requisite for all developments, is inevitable for emerging economies like Bangladesh to continuously run all the

  • Legal framework for Samaritans

    On 30 March 2016, the Supreme Court of India presided over by the Hon'ble Justice V. Gopala Gowda and Hon'ble Justice Arun Mishra

  • Resettling Rohingyas and international law

    The 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees are two major international instruments under international refugee law.

  • Assailing the rape victim's character

    Section 155(4) of the Evidence Act, 1872 allows evidence of the victim's immoral character to be offered by the defence. The rationale

  • Accessibility for the people with physical disabilities

    The definition of accessibility refers to the abilities and opportunities to reach desired goods, services, activities and destinations.

  • The unfortunate case of Rid Pharma

    A Dhaka court acquitted all five officials of Rid Pharmaceuticals Ltd in a case filed over the manufacture of toxic paracetamol syrup

  • Forced labour: The law of the jungle!

    A disproportionate amount of focus on sex trafficking draws the attention away from the countless male trafficked victims faced forced labour episodes whose we seldom meet as hawkers in the bustling street of a vibrant city selling newspapers or popcorns.

  • Legal issues in caring for elderly people

    Each year, on October 01, we observe “the International Day for Older Persons” through rallies and meetings and

  • To foster the status of ESC rights

    According to the World Bank, Bangladesh has recently achieved a momentous hallmark of shifting its image of 'lower income

  • Rape incidents: Silence to be broken

    Rape incidents, irrespective of time do make our hearts bleed and hurt us deep. The recent rape incidents were deep enough to create a social reaction that has come from every section of the society. According to the recent statistics of Bangladesh Ain o Salish Kendra

  • Gender Equality in Bangladeshi politics

    In the concealment of the fact that women are in leadership positions in the central politics of Bangladesh, a critical feminist issue gets neglected: to what