• Need for witness protection law

    The word 'witness' can be defined as any person, who is required to give evidence in any investigative or judicial proceedings in relation to the commission of an offence.

  • The Dalits In Bangladesh

    The Dalits are known as the 'untouchables' in many parts of South Asia. They face discrimination at all levels of social interaction such as from...

  • Offence of 'murder after rape'

    Having law background, many of us often face the question that whether death penalty has been abolished in Bangladesh after the

  • Legal Status of Bihari community

    The Urdu-speaking community living in Bangladesh, popularly known as Biharis, does not refer to a distinct group of people easily identifiable by race, religion or physical characteristics. The case of Bihari community in Bangladesh is different from the other minority groups. This community primarily focuses on a geographical location of Indian state of Bihar.

  • Lawful Arrest and false imprisonment

    Section 54 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) has given sufficient power to any police officer to arrest a person without warrant but the police can exercise the power only in those circumstances where a police officer possesses some evidence indicating involvement with the offence. Unfortunately, in most of the cases it can be seen that most of the police officers are arresting the people without collecting any reasonable indications connecting with the offence. Perhaps section 54 is the most pervasive section that is being misused by the police officers.

  • GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY to protect Syrian refugees

    INFLUENCED by the pro-democracy movements in several Middle East countries, the nationals of Syria started peaceful demonstrating

  • books on migrant workers

    Protecting the rights of migrant workers

    With an aim to protect the rights of Bangladesh's economic migrants by enhancing the capacity of National Human Rights Commission, the UNDP-Bangladesh has recently published a study report titled 'Protecting Migrant Workers from Bangladesh: A Study of Legal Compliance with Migrant Workers' Rights' (2014).

  • underprivileged women

    Rights of underprivileged women

    The judicial system is a powerful tool at the heart of women's rights enforcement, along with the lawyers that fight for the rights of their clients.

  • Royalties for Music

    The music industry banks on royalties collected by the licensing of copyrighted songs and recordings as a key form of payment for

  • Rights of working women

    At present times women employees can be seen in almost every establishments. They work in industries, shops, factories, companies