Striking a chord

Striking a chord

striking a chord / A Day on the Rooftop

When The Daily Star turned 26 years old, last week, we were expecting flowers, good food, a cake with melting chocolate within and of

And the City Stopped Moving

Last week was a confusing one. On one side, we were trying to pay respect to the elders, to the rulers and to tradition.

striking a chord / Chaos on Gulshan 1 Avenue

One of the worst beginnings of 2017 was when fire swept through the DNCC market last week, in Gulshan 1, damaging goods worth millions, and burning shops to ashes.

striking a chord / Resolution for 2017: Comprehending the 'Different'

As we sign off with 2016, we look forward to 2017, hoping to mend our ways, letting go of bad habits and develop new ones.

The Official Identity

“I prefer to identify as a hijra, because that's what I am – a hijra," announced a bold voice across the hall room, where more

striking a chord / Including the Different, Defining the Other

When we talk of Hijras or transgenders, we usually visualise men dressed up as women singing, clapping and dancing for money; or by