Kurdish Massacres One of Britain’s Many Original Sins

For those who believe in the fairy tale of original sin, Adam and Eve, so goes the narrative, partook of the forbidden fruit, fell from grace, and were forever banished from the garden.

The Politics of Indigeneity and the Jumma struggle for land and recognition

In May 2011, Iqbal Ahmed—first secretary of the Bangladesh Mission in New York—stated at the 10th session of the United Nations

Longform / Four Challenges to Governance in South Asia

Although there is no universally accepted definition of the term governance, it has become a buzzword since the 1980s.

A Tale of Two Languages: How the Persian language seeped into Bengali

Think of some of the words we use most often in our daily lives in Bengali. The word for 'pen'—kolom; the word for 'sky'—asmaan; 'river'—doria; 'land'—jomeen.

Don't judge a magazine by its size

“You have to know where the term 'magazine' comes from; the magazine of a pistol. When we say 'little magazine', it's a bending of this word. A matter of resistance!”

A mad, mad, world

At 40, Unmad is the longest running satire magazine in South Asia. Apart from its reputation as a household essential for Bangladeshi teenagers, it has also been a sole platform for the artistic tradition of cartoon and satire to flourish.

Global capitalism undermines progress in workplace safety in Bangladesh's garment industry

In the five years following the collapse of Rana Plaza, Bangladesh has made real and unprecedented progress in improving workers’ health and safety in its garment industry. Now, the “sweatshop business model” of global capitalism is undermining those gains as international clothing brands cut prices paid to supplier factories in Bangladesh, and continue to roam the world looking for the lowest production costs, the most vulnerable workforce, and the weakest, most compliant governments.