Wigs To Empower: Breaking The Stigma With Shani Lechan

Hair is undeniably a big part of every woman's identity. While some of us have been wearing the same hairstyle since high school, others prefer experimenting with new cuts and colours. Regardless of what we choose to do with it, most of us feel a strong connection between our hair, femininity, and sense of self. This is why losing it can be such a traumatic experience. 

Creator CEO Vanessa Lau on How to Avoid Burnout as an Entrepreneur

Burnout - a tale as old as time. If you are an entrepreneur, burnout is one phenomenon you know you will experience a couple of times in your journey to building a successful business. Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental fatigue brought on by prolonged and extreme stress. It happens when you are overburdened, emotionally depleted, and incapable of coping with everyday demands.

Serial entrepreneur and investor, Danny Cortenraede, asks “What sets winning companies apart from the rest?”

Founding a company that survives its first year in business is an accomplishment in itself. With rampant inflation and sharp increases in owners' costs, the economic landscape is daunting. To create a business that not only survives but thrives is a rarity. Imagine, therefore, what it takes to build a company, from the ground up, that generates millions in revenue.

How a doctor is empowering people to take control of their own health for an optimised healthy life

Many of us live in a fast-paced world filled with highly processed food, high levels of stress and sedentary lifestyles. Yet, all this takes its toll on our bodies and many find themselves dealing with chronic health problems as early as their early 20s. While the majority of doctors seem to find the solution in the form of a pill, one doctor is taking a different approach.

Cover Story / The role of privilege in successful entrepreneurship

Hard work begets success, yes, but we must not forget how privilege plays a role.

Asian Entrepreneurship is Poised for Growth

Entrepreneurialism, previously the province of those few lucky enough to have been born in Silicon Valley or one of the handfuls of other startup hotbeds, has been democratised and globalised. There can be no doubt that the obstacles that used to prevent most ambitious would-be business builders from acting on their dreams have been, if not altogether removed, reduced dramatically.

Meet Connor McCrory The Journalist Behind Social Media

Connor McCrory was just 14-years-old he remembers reading and watching the daily news with his grandparents, learning about the world while listening to his grandfather yell at the tv every time CNN would run a story he disagreed with.

Brand Strategist & Entrepreneur Taylor Ping on Growing a PR Company

The world of public relations and representation has never died down. With an ever-growing base of online platforms and users, it seems like the sky is the horizon for making your brand known. 

How To Activate Your Superconscious Mind For Greater Success And Fulfillment

It was an urban theorist and the co-founder of City Lab, Richard Florida, who coined the phrase the ‘creative class', to describe the rise of a whole new type of worker. Referring to data that ranges from the 1800s, Florida points out that the worldwide economy has entered a phase in which the ‘creative ethos is increasingly dominant. Since the 1960s, there has been a steady increase in the number of creative roles available.

The Top Three Secrets to Achieving True Fulfilment after Financial Success

We live in a capitalist world where success, a widely holistic term, is simply defined by the extent of an individual’s financial wealth. It's social programming to only consider people as successful when they’ve hacked entrepreneurial or career challenges, built massive empires, and have net-worths with over seven zeros.

Three Must-Haves When Considering A Business Pivot – They’re Not What You Think

With nearly 400 million users as of 2021, Twitter has a reputation as one of the most outstanding business pivots in global history. It started as Odeo, a platform for podcast subscriptions. Eventually, Odeo got threatened by the success of Apple’s iTunes and out of fear of going under, the company took an entirely different direction – a micro-blogging application for random, business, and life updates. Now with a net worth of $40 billion, Twitter’s pivot turned out to be a huge success.

An Entrepreneurial Mentality Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams; Here’s How Jeremy Rudd Stepped Into Spotlight

Dreams are more than mere imaginations. It is the power that makes your possibilities endless, and the hope that you can achieve whatever you set your heart to. Your dreams are valid, and you should never let them go. Just like an artist that paints, there are no limits. If he so wishes, he can draw the highest of mountains and the most beautiful of mansions. Well, the same can be said of dreams and aspirations. You are the artist and architect of your life, and you can dream as you please. There’s nothing like too big or too small a dream.

How To Successfully Nurture Revenue Winning Leads: Flynn Blackie of MOD Digital Reveals His Gen-Z Insights

Lead generation is crucial to the success of any business. That’s a fact. Ever wondered how businesses get their customers to make a purchase and eventually generate revenue for the business? Well, that’s where leads come in. 

Find your flow: Stop being a dreamer and learn how to turn dreams into reality

Converting our dreams into action can be a terrifying leap of faith. In fact, so debilitating that many only take the step after being forced by circumstance. The worldwide pandemic has provided just such circumstances.

From Trafficking to Financial Freedom: Robin Rivera’s Story

Robin Rivera, CEO of Robin Rivera Global, puts this belief at the core of what she does each day. And she’s right; we can’t go through the motions of life without a dream. So many people know they contain enough colour and vigour in them to paint the whole world. And yet, many of us are still trying to figure out a way to do so. 

From Solopreneur to Winning at Business

Starting a business takes a lot of courage, grit, and determination. As a solopreneur, you’ll find yourself taking on a lot of roles because you don’t yet have the financial capacity to employ people that will take the burden off you. Don’t fret, it’s merely a stage, and it’s totally fine to adopt the solopreneur business model as you begin your entrepreneurial journey.

My journey to success began when a homeless person saved my life

Ed JC Smith owes his life to a stranger who stepped in at the last moment to save a teenage boy from ending his life. Ed has built one of the most successful coaching businesses in the world. He is in demand as a speaker around the world, he runs regular retreats and he is the man coaches turn to when they want to scale up their businesses. But for the kindness of a stranger, it may never have happened. 

Five Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Marketing in a Post-Covid World 

Let’s be honest for a second. Not many people thought the Covid-19 pandemic was going to hit us as badly as it did. Most of us thought it would go away sooner rather than later and that lockdown was an opportunity to do chores at home or simply get some rest.