Plastic pollution

Plastic pollution

Plastic takes a toll on Sundarbans

Plastic pollution caused by irresponsible tourist behaviour is wreaking havoc on Sundarbans ecosystems, according to speakers at a seminar yesterday.

Plastic waste a threat to soil fertility

Plastic pollution is deteriorating the germination capacity of soil by killing larvae, microbes and earthworms that enriches the soil’s fertility, said speakers at a seminar yesterday.

Shun plastic, plant more trees

Due to the growing population and lack of arable land per capita, the country must preserve the environment and plant more trees to provide a healthy and secure living environment for future generations, said Information Minister Hasan Mahmud yesterday.

Single-use plastic causing harm to ecosystem: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said the widespread use and mismanagement of single-use plastic products are destabilising the ecosystem

G7 members commit to ending new plastic pollution by 2040

G7 environment and climate ministers pledged to end new plastic pollution in their countries by 2040, they said in a statement released today after talks in northern Japan

Plastic entering oceans could nearly triple by 2040 if left unchecked

.Plastics entering the world's oceans have surged by an "unprecedented" amount since 2005 and could nearly triple by 2040 if no further action is taken, according to research published on Wednesday..An estimated 171 trillion plastic particles were afloat in the oceans by 2019, accord

Take action against single-use plastic

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has asked all government offices at the district level and coastal areas to take measures for stopping the use of single-use plastic.

Environment ministry circular / Govt offices asked to stop single-use plastic pollution

In a separate circular, it has asked the deputy commissioners to shut down all illegal brick kilns immediately to prevent air pollution

Plastic recycling: No "credible path forward"

When it was announced that Coca-Cola would be a major sponsor of the COP27 climate summit in Egypt, climate campaigners and activists quickly accused the company of greenwashing. 

Prevention of plastic pollution stressed

Proper waste management is necessary to prevent pollution caused by the release of toxic substances of plastic into soil, water and air, to protect humans and nature, said speakers at a meeting in Khulna on Wednesday.

Microplastics found in human lungs for the first time

Scientists have discovered microplastics in live human lungs for the first time.

In a first, scientists find microplastics in human blood

For the first time, microplastic contamination has been discovered in human blood, with scientists discovering the microscopic particles in nearly 80% of those examined, reports The Guardian.

‘Stop plastic use, save Kuakata’

Demanding an end to the use of disposable plastics to protect the environment of Kuakata beach, a memorandum signed by 2,783 people was handed over to the Patuakhali deputy commissioner (DC) on Tuesday.

New study finds plastic in 'clean' air

From Mount Everest to the Mariana Trench, microplastics are everywhere – even high in the Earth’s troposphere where wind speeds allow them to travel vast distances, a study showed Tuesday.

Plastic menace worsening

Bangladesh’s plastic consumption in urban areas tripled in the 15 years to 2020, found a World Bank study, in what can be viewed as a setback for the government’s efforts to beat plastic pollution.