How temperature rise of 2 degrees Celsius impacts billions

About 2 billion people will live in hazardous heat conditions by the end of the century if climate policies continue on their current trajectory, according to new research published in the Nature Sustainability journal

Antarctica sea ice melts to a record low

The National Snow and Ice Data Center in the United States said Antarctica's sea ice fell to 1.91 million square kilometres this week, the lowest extent since records began in 1979

Oceans heat up at faster rate: study

The oceans are warming faster than previously estimated, setting a new temperature record in 2018 in a trend that is damaging marine life, scientists said on Thursday.

Plants closed, cars stopped as China faces smog 'red alert'

Engulfed in choking smog, some northern Chinese cities limit the number of cars on roads and temporarily shut down factories to cut down pollution during a national "red alert."

Global carbon emissions continue slow growth: Study

Global carbon emissions are still on the rise, but they are growing slower than they have in the past, according to a study.

Climate change poised to hurt food supplies: study

The effects of climate change on food production could cause 500,000 extra deaths by 2050 compared to a world without global warming, according to a study released Thursday.

Nature's wrath hits hard

The warnings could not have been more severe: a monster named Haiyan was coming, a storm carrying rains at wind speeds no one on Earth had ever seen or felt before, so strong it could sweep the sea inland.

Global CO2 emissions 'stalled' in 2014

International Energy Agency's data shows the growth in global carbon emissions stalled last year