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  • Sangu Reserve Forest

    ‘Protect Sangu-Matamuhuri sanctuary, reserve forest’

    Parbatya Chattogram Forest and Land Rights Protection Movement has called upon authorities concerned to take measures to protect the Sangu-Matamuhuri Sanctuary and the Reserve Natural Forest and take action against those destroying the forest.

  • Halda dolphin

    7ft long dolphin found dead in Halda River

    A Gangetic dolphin (Platanista gangetica), over seven feet long, is found dead in Halda River of Chattogram’s Raozan upazila.

  • Brazil to deploy troops

    Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest rose sharply in April, government data showed on Friday, as the coronavirus outbreak keeps many environmental enforcers out of the field and the country prepares to deploy troops to fight illegal logging.

  • Dolphin killed in Halda River

    A Gangetic dolphin (Platanista gangetica) in Halda River is allegedly slaughtered to death by locals in Raozan upazila of Chattogram.

  • elephant death

    UN accepts India’s proposal to save three endangered species

    India’s proposal to include the critically-endangered Asian elephant and two large species of birds -- Great Indian Bustard and Bengal Florican -- in the UN Convention on Migratory (CMS) Species, is unanimously accepted.

  • pythons hatched in Srimangal zoo

    22 pythons hatched in Srimangal zoo

    A total of 22 python eggs have been hatched in a zoo of Sreemangal upazila of Moulviabzar. A python which was rescued in Dinajpur 22 years ago laid 35 eggs at the zoo of Bangladesh Bonyo Prani Sheba Foundation last month and since then the eggs were kept with the mother python, our Moulvibazar correspondent reports.

  • Dolphin fair in Khulna

    Dolphin fair kicks off in Khulna

    A ten-day long dolphin fair kicks off in Khulna with a call to take tangible steps to protect freshwater dolphins in the Sundarbans.

  • Conquering the wild seas

    Think wildlife conservation and what first comes to mind are men in grey or beige toned outfits and names like David Attenborough, George Schaller, John Muir, and Roger Payne.

  • Wildlife declined 60pc in 44 years

    Unbridled consumption has decimated global wildlife, triggered a mass extinction and exhausted Earth's capacity to accommodate humanity's expanding appetites, the conservation group WWF warned yesterday.

  • Conservationists alarmed as China eases ban on tiger and rhino parts

    China unveils new rules that would allow the use of rhino horn and tiger parts for some medical and cultural purposes, watering down a decades-old ban in a move conservation group WWF says could have "devastating consequences".

  • ‘Saline drip’ for a 700-year-old banyan tree in India

    The world's second largest Banyan tree in Mahabubnagar district of India’s Telangana which is almost dying, is on ‘saline drip’ now as part of the rejuvenation.

  • Long road for mates,Gharials ‘Gorai’, ‘Jamuna’ reach destinations

    As part of the pioneering exchange to initiate breeding of the critically endangered Gharials, the male, named ‘Gorai’ has made it to the Rajshahi Zoo after a long journey starting all the way from Dhaka Zoo.

  • [WATCH] Thais celebrate new king's birthday releasing 1,066 turtles

    Hundreds of people gather at a beach in Thailand to release 1,066 turtles into the sea as part of celebrations to mark the birthday of new King Maha Vajiralongkorn.

  • Animal lovers, Chittagong city, Dog lovers, dog culling in Ctg

    Dog lovers demo in Dhaka shunning culling

    Animal lovers demonstrated in Dhaka, forming a human chain, protesting the culling of stray dogs in Chittagong city – an action that has been deemed illegal by the High Court.

  • JU to host Bird Fair Jan 6

    With a view to creating mass awareness, the Zoology department of Jahangirnagar University (JU) is to arrange a day-long Bird Fair on January 6, 2017 on the premises of Zahir Raihan auditorium of the university.

  • Beard of Bees

    Egyptian man grows 'Beard of Bees'

    Mohamed Hagras stands barechested as dozens of honeybees congregate around his face, eventually forming what he calls the "Beard of Bees". To attract the insects he has a box housing their queen's hormones strapped to his chin.

  • Sundarbans Tiger

    76 tiger deaths reported in India in 2016

    At least 76 tiger deaths are reported in India between January and October in 2016, the highest national mortality figure since 2010.

  • Humans eating wild mammals into extinction: study

    More than 300 wild mammal species in Asia, Africa and Latin America are being driven to extinction by humanity's voracious appetite for bushmeat, according to a recent study.

  • Int'l Tiger Day: WWF urges closure of all tiger farms

    The World Wildlife Fund urges Asian states to investigate all tiger breeding centres and crack down on any involved in black-market animal trade.

  • Tiger Temple monk held 'for smuggling'

    Thai authorities say they have detained a monk attempting to smuggle tiger skins and fangs from a Buddhist temple.

  • Japan kills 333 Antarctic Minke whales for ‘scientific research’

    In the name of ‘scientific research’, Japan kills 333 minke whales, including over 200 pregnant females, in the Antarctic in 2015-16 whaling season.

  • Shark pulled out of water for a photo

    A Florida man is filmed taking photos with a shark after dragging it out of the ocean, where it washed ashore.

  • [WATCH] An Amazing Family of Big Cats

    Watch Kevin Richardson in an amazing documentary first broadcasted by SKY TV about his animal conservationism, mainly lions and his acceptance into their pride.

  • Lions rediscovered in remote Ethiopian park

    A previously unknown population of at least 100 lions is discovered by a wildlife charity in a remote park in north-western Ethiopia.

  • Climate compensation schemes 'failing to reach poorest'

    Remote communities are not receiving the compensation they are entitled to from schemes designed to conserve tropical forests, a study suggests.

  • Pakistan lifts Houbara bustard hunting ban

    Pakistan's supreme court lifts a ban on the hunting of a rare bird, the Houbara bustard.

  • New Zealand to create marine sanctuary

    New Zealand unveiled plans to create a South Pacific marine sanctuary the size of France, saying it would protect one of the world's most pristine ocean environments.

  • Elephant fact file

    An elephant’s heart beats only 25 times a minute. Your heart usually beats between 60 to 80 times a minute

  • Elephant conservation initiatives in Bangladesh

    Government announces seven sanctuaries in the country—Chunti, Pablakhali, Teknaf, Sangu, Dudhpukuria-Dhopachhari and Fashiakhali and one national park (Kaptai national park) to conserve elephants and other wild life

  • Human vs elephants

    The main reason for declining elephant population is destruction of elephants habitat and food resources by humans.