Tasnia Farin looks mysterious in new Ashes’ song

Tasnia Farin looks mysterious in new Ashes’ song
Tasnia Farin. Photo: Collected

Amidst the dark green forest, stands Tasnia Farin, dressed in a blue kameez and white orna, looking dazed and lost, as she wanders around the land, searching for something that is gone but still lives on in her heart.

Recently, Tasnia Farin shared some photos on her Facebook, which have gone viral. Fans were left confused as to what happened to her smile and who she was looking for in the pictures. Well, the answers were revealed when Ashes posted a hint about their collaboration on their social media.

Popular band Ashes will be launching their second album "Antosarshunno" tomorrow, with a big concert at KIB. The album's last song will feature the gorgeous Tasnia Farin as a model in the music video, which will be directed by Ziaul Hoque Polash.


"This is my first proper music video and the location was around Chattogram's Banshkhali Upazila. We were literally 'Networker Baire', as there was literally no one in sight. However, the location was really pretty and perfectly blended with the song. I was supposed to work on this song a long time ago, but I couldn't do it as I had my accident. However, I am really happy that the project was finally completed in the end," shared the actress.

Tasnia Farin has previously worked with Polash on two tele-fictions, but this is the first time she will work under his direction for a music video.

"Polash bhai as a director is really different, he is different from his on-screen personae. He is a really serious and meticulous director, as he always wants to give his best," added the actress.

Tasnia Farin loves Ashes' lyrics and considers them to be one of her favourite bands.

"If you listen to Ashes, you will see that their songs are different. My music video isn't your typical romantic video. It has a story, which the audience can relate to. I had mostly shot with Evan bhai in the song and his personality is so different, which adds a lot to the industry as well," concluded Farin.


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