Rescuers now being harassed!

It only affects public confidence in police

It is disturbing to note that police have allegedly unnecessarily kept three people for 'interrogation' in relation to the case of attack on constables at Ashulia Checkpoint. Two of the detainees helped take the injured policemen to a nearby hospital and the third one is the sibling of one of the rescuers who wasn't even present at the scene! 

Several days have passed but still the family members have been kept in the dark about the three detainees. Police has refused to divulge any specific detail about the detained persons, even their names. Most worryingly, they have denied arresting one of the rescuers named Saikat. According to Saikat's wife, he was picked up by police last Thursday and has been missing ever since. The police authorities must have credible answers to the queries of the family members of the missing persons. They also cannot shrug off the responsibility of finding the whereabouts of a key witness of the attack. 

People in general, do not want to get involved in helping victims of a crime, fearing harassment from police. Now, those who would have will think twice before coming forward to assist a person in need, more so if it is a law enforcing agent. It is outrageous that law enforcing agents instead of expressing their gratitude to those who lent their hands to save their colleagues, are allegedly unnecessarily detaining them. The authorities must immediately probe into this matter and make sure that those conscientious individuals who spontaneously helped the injured policemen are released without delay.


১০ মিনিট আগে|বন্দর

প্রচণ্ড গরমে আয় কমেছে শ্রমিকের, ট্রাক লোড-আনলোডে ধীর গতি

আগে ২০ জন শ্রমিক ৩ ঘণ্টায় একটি ট্রাকের পণ্য আনলোড করতাম। এখন সময় লাগছে ৫ থেকে ৬ ঘণ্টা।