Agitation for exam schedule

This should never have happened
Sequential grabs of a footage recorded on July 20 at Shahbagh depict how Siddiqur Rahman (marked) got injured when a policeman fired a teargas shell.

Reportedly, Thursday's student demonstration and the consequent mishaps could have been prevented had the authorities been more involved with the student's welfare. According to a report by The Daily Star, this could have been averted had the authorities informed the students that their demands had already been met two days before. The decision to announce the exam schedules for seven colleges, which was at the centre of the agitation, was taken on Tuesday but there had been no press note or circular or attempt of any sort to inform the students of that. Siddiqur Rahman is suffering as a result of this dereliction. 

The incident, on the face of it, reveals the disregard for the interest of the students. It has also something to do with the estranged relations that has been a central feature of the relationship between Dhaka University and National University, the two parent universities that share responsibility for the affiliated colleges in Bangladesh. The seven colleges in question, affiliated with Dhaka University, were previously under the National University, and the way in which this handover occurred remains a point of contention between the two universities. 

While the circumstances under which the Thursday demonstration took place are condemnable, we cannot remain oblivious of the fact that the ongoing state of relations between the DU and the NU may continue to affect all future decisions related to their colleges, to the detriment of the general students. This makes it imperative that the two vice-chancellors sort out the differences. As things stand now, it may not happen without an intervention from the higher authorities, but any drive for change has to start from within.