One of 25 'anthrax' patients dies

At least 25 people have been infected with Anthrax in Faridpur upazila of the district in the last three days.

Of them, one died at Rajshahi Medical College Hospital on Friday. Doctors, however, could not confirm whether it was caused by Anthrax or other disease.

The deceased was Md Alauddin, 12, son of Golam Mostafa of Jantihar village. He took part when a diseased cow was slaughtered in the village last week, said family members.

Anthrax outbreaks at Jantihar village in the upazila started after slaughtering of two diseased cows on May 27, said locals.

People engaged with the meat processing were infected with anthrax, said Livestock Officer Md Kamruzzaman.

They have already collected samples of meat of the diseased animals for tests, he said. 

The symptoms of the disease show that the villagers slaughtered anthrax-infected animals for the sake of profit,” said Kamruzzaman.

Pabna Civil Surgeon Dr Tahazzal Hossain claimed that of the anthrax-infected patients, 10 are stated to be critical. They are now undergoing treatment at the upazila health complex.

A four-member medical team of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) in Dhaka has already visited Jontihar village for collecting samples of blood of the affected patients.


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