Buses torched in Dhaka: 120 BNP men get anticipatory bail in 11 cases

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The High Court today granted anticipatory bail to 120 BNP leaders and activists including Gayeshwar Chandra Roy till January 5 in 11 cases filed for torching buses in Dhaka on November 12.

The HC also asked the accused to surrender to the lower court concerned on expiry of their anticipatory bail.

The HC bench of Justice Md Habibul Gani and Justice Md Riaz Uddin Khan came up with the orders after hearing 16 petitions filed by the accused BNP leaders and activists seeking anticipatory bail in the cases.

Earlier in the day, the accused petitioners appeared before the HC bench for bail.

Lawyer Md Ruhul Quddus Kazal, who appeared for the petitioners, told The Daily Star that police filed 11 separate cases with different police stations in Dhaka on November 12 and 13 after several buses were torched in the capital on November 12.

The petitioners were not involved in the incidents, he added.


নসরুল হামিদ

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জ্বালানি সংকটের কারণে চলমান লোডশেডিং আরও কিছু দিন অব্যাহত থাকবে বলে জানিয়েছেন বিদ্যুৎ, জ্বালানি ও খনিজ সম্পদ প্রতিমন্ত্রী নসরুল হামিদ।