New wage board for RMG sector formed

Bangladesh garment workers minimum salary
The government, on September 13, 2018, announces Tk 8,000 as the minimum salary for garment workers. The new wage structure will come into effect from December this year. Star file photo

The government has formed a new wage board to review the existing wages of the garment industry workers.

State Minister for Labour and Employment Mujibul Haque Chunnu came up with the information at a press conference at the secretariat today.

Earlier, Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) made a request to form the wage board.

BGMEA President Siddiqur Rahman and Women's Affairs Secretary of Jatiya Sramik League Shamsunnahar Bhuiyan have been included in the board with four other permanent members, said the state minister.

Mujibul Haque said the committee will submit a report with recommendations within six months after scrutinising the present salary structure of the RMG workers. The government will finalise the salary structure following their report.

Besides, the junior minister urged the RMG workers not to create any anarchy in the industry and assured them finalising the salary structure keeping their demands in consideration.

Meanwhile, Sidiqur Rahman said they will try to come up with a 'perfect' salary structure.

Former president of FBBCCI (Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry) AK Azad, leaders of the worker federations and organisations were also present at the briefing.


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