Nahid claims ‘overwhelming success’ in education

Photo: Star

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid today claimed Bangladesh has achieved “overwhelming success” in the education sector.

“The number of school goers has increased and the number of dropouts has decreased as well,” he told a programme at Dhaka this afternoon.

“Improving the standard of education is a big challenge for us. However, we are moving slowly in improving the standard of education,” he added.

The education sector has been riddled with allegations of question leak in the primary school, high school and college level public examinations.

This year, medical admission seekers protested for weeks alleging that the entry tests for public medical colleges were a farce and that the question papers were leaked.

Even the pass rate in Dhaka University admission tests under various categories have come down alarmingly with barely 20 percent managing to secure pass marks.

The education minister has repeatedly acted indifferent to allegations of question leak in the past.

He was speaking at a programme arranged by Bangladesh Secretariat Reporters’ Forum (BSRF).


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