65 more ‘cobras’ killed in Natore, Rajshahi

70 found alive in Natore

At least 65 hatchlings believed to be cobras, including a mother, have been killed in separate incidents in Rajshahi and Natore districts.

In Natore, at least 35 hatchlings were killed and 15 snake eggs destroyed at Madhnagar village in Naldanga upazila on Tuesday night.

Locals said Hasan Uddin Arinda, a resident of the village, found a snake roaming in his house at night and immediately killed it.

After a while, another snake appeared and he killed it too and found three holes inside the house from where the snakes were coming out.

Later, Hasan along with local people found 33 more snakes and killed those one by one. They also destroyed 15 eggs found in the holes.

However, the mother cobra managed to flee.

In Rajshahi, 29 such hatchlings and their mother were killed in different places of Mohonpur and Durgapur upazilas of the district in the last two days.

Mainul Islam, a farmer of Bidirpur Fakirpara village on Mohonpur, said his wife Sumi found a cobra on Tuesday, creating panic among them.

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Later, they killed a frog and kept it in a hole as a trap.

On Wednesday morning, an adult cobra came out of the hole around 2:00 pm and the locals killed it. They also dug the spot, killed 19 hatchlings, and buried those under the earth.

Besides, 10 more cobras were killed and 45 eggs destroyed at the house of Abdul Aziz at Haripur village in Durgapur upazila early Wednesday.

With this, a total of 353 cobras were killed in separate incidents in three districts in the last few days.

Earlier, 258 baby snakes were killed in Rajshahi and Satkhira.

In Kushita, at least 70 cobra hatchlings were found at a house of Chuniapara village in Khoksha upazila on Wednesday.

Monoj Thakur said they noticed some cobras on the veranda of their house on Tuesday.

On Wednesday morning, another cobra was spotted on the veranda, creating panic among the house inmates.

Later, the house owner called in a snake charmer from Satpakhiya village, who dug the floor and found 18 hatchlings in a burrow.

The snake charmer then found 52 more snakes in another place of the house. Each snake is 1-1.5 feet in length.

However, they failed to catch the mother cobra after digging many places around the house.

All the baby cobras were taken away by the snake charmer.


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