Russell gets prosthetic leg

Russell Sarkar, who lost a leg after a bus ran him over in April last year, has got a prosthetic leg.

A Swiss-made artificial leg was attached to Russell at Centre for Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) around 11:30am, said Mohammad Shafiq, head of CRP's prosthetic and orthotics department.

CRP is bearing the whole cost, our Savar correspondent reports quoting Dr Shafiq.

“After conducting a number of assessment tests, we attached a leg (artificial) to Russell in the morning,” he said.

Usually, it takes four weeks to get used to with an artificial leg, Shafiq said adding that Russell will have to practice a lot to adjust his movement with the leg.

Talking to the correspondent in the morning, Russell said after he lost his leg last year, he was utterly depressed. But now, he is seeing a ray of hope to return to normal life, Russell said.


Russell, 26, was knocked down by a Green Line bus near Mayor Mohammad Hanif Flyover in the capital's Dholaipar on April 28 last year.

The incident happened after an altercation broke out between Russell and the bus driver over rear-ending his car. As Russel chased down the bus, the bus driver ran him over.

On April 11, Green Line Paribahan handed Tk 5 lakh to Russell following an HC order and is expected to pay another Tk 45 lakh in 30 days.


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