Airtel users facing network disruption in Dhaka

A large number of Airtel subscribers in Dhaka were facing network interruptions today due to network integration and upgradation.

Customers may have faced some interruptions in using the Airtel network due to the ongoing network integration and upgradation process, said a press release floated to media this evening.

“We humbly regret this temporary inconvenience,” said the release.

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The operator also said the upgradation process has been completed and service has been fully restored.

However, customers are still facing problems while using the network.

Recently the operator has merged with Robi becoming the second largest operator in the country.

Customers of both the operators started facing problems in different parts of the country when Robi and Airtel had begun merging process of their networks.

In June 1 Last year, huge number of subscribers of Airtel in Dhaka and 10 other districts faced network disruption for around 20 hours because of a technical glitch at its switches.